#Twitterville – The Loneliest Town

This weeks #Twitterville is about the area around the town. The terrain, the weather, the wildlife and the dangers within 100 miles of the town.

It is very easy to focus on exciting things like ruined castles or dark woods but remember that mundane things have to happen. Towns need a water supply, a food supply and places to trade with. Though mundane, these can often be great sources of adventures. What a happens if bandits cut the main trade route or raiding kobolds are digging the crops out of the ground at night?

The tweets below give a starting point for the geography and basic reason for the towns existence.

  • Hundreds of miles from other major settlements, #Twittervillle is the link between the strange Eastern lands and the empire of the west.
  • East of #Twitterville, the spice road climbs on to the barren, hostile area of The Steppe and heads to the distant lands of Al-Pak-Bar
  • West and north of #Twitterville, the land rises steeply into the foothills an immense, unmapped mountain range.
  • Lake Twitter lies between the mountains and The Steppe. Its clear mountain water teems with life and on its south side sits #Twitterville.
  • The river flows south through the plains. Fleets of small boats ply the slowly moving river carrying spices south and trade goods north.

The rules are as normal. Try to come up with as many ideas, plot hooks and details and send them via Twitter tagged with #Twitterville. I will try and compile all the entries on Thursday.

Please note than all entires to Twitterville are under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. See #Twitterville – Ideas, Copyright and Beyond for more details.