#Twitterville – Ideas, Copyright and Beyond

The last three Tuesdays, we have been hosting a creative writing exercise on Twitter. It has been great fun and a real test of writing skills but out if it, slowly emerging, is a very real D&D setting. A town of dangerous and mysterious people, far too good to just leave lying around unused. So we plan to pull all the ideas in a PDF that will be freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

6d6 Fireball will act as editors, compiling all the entires, fixing spelling and shaping #Twitterville into a cohesive whole. However we won’t fundamentally alter or add text. Everything, other than a few explanatory paragraphs, will be in roughly tweet length chunks. We will update the PDF each week as #Twitterville grows and make the PDF available for all to use, copy and distribute without being called pirates *cough* Wizards *cough*.


One of our big reasons for doing this is because someone has expressed an interest in using #Twitterville as a backdrop to an entry for our Adventure Writing Competition.

We think this is a great idea and will be using the #Twiterville PDF as typesetting practice for our module. We are also thinking of including #Twitterville as part of the published module. This raises obvious copyright issues, hence this post. If you have already contributed to #Twitterville, we will be contacting you for permission to use your old entries. All future entries will automatically be under the Creative Commons license.

To Infinity & Beyond!

Next week’s #Twitterville will be about the area around the town. I have a rough map of the geography in my head and will be inviting everyone to fill it. Time permitting, I will put together a rough PDF together and then the week after that, we will be mapping out the town itself, giving the streets names and character.

Until Tuesday …

#Twitterville So Far


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