Competition Thank Yous

Thanks to everyone who has responded to our adventure writing competition but I must give a special thanks to various web sites how have given us a big plug.

  • A special thanks to the AllGeekTout blog for running an interview with me about the competition.
  • Enworld may be one of the biggest RPG sites on the net but it still helps out small sites like us.
  • DFWd20 may be less well known. It is the Dallas / Fortworth area RPG forum but has a great selection of gamers and gaming chat.
  • I’m pretty sure that after the Wizards site, RPG.Net is the biggest gaming site around and it is forums are still a great place to visit.
  • A site unknown to me before a few days ago, Barroks Tower is an RPG Forum that is smaller than Enworld or but a more friendly because of it.

A big thanks to all of them.