#Twitterville – The Powers That Be

#Twitterville is rapidly turing into a real place thanks to everyone who has taken part in the last two weeks. After this week, I might have a go at sketching a map out and compiling all the ideas into a free PDF but first we need the results of this week’s #Twitterville

#Twitterville is a creative writing exercise that helps to teach you how to condense ideas down into their purest form. It is easy to take part. Simply join Twitter and send your idea in a tweet with #Twitterville in it. We will track all the tweets, you don’t even need to be following 6d6 Fireball.

This week’s theme is power and authority. Who has the power in #Twitteville? Who has got the authority to give orders?

Power is not always obvious. Great lords and ladies may sit in their big houses. Councilmen may argue and debate. But who actually decides things and who does them? Is it guilds who bring in the trade the town depends on? Or is it the guards who have the raw power to get their own way? Or is there secret power operating out of public view? Blackmail, threats, bribes, drugs and sex can all be used to wield power if you are that sort of person.

Buildings, places and things have power as well. Courthouses, guildhalls and temples are all obvious but power can be found in less likely places such private members clubs and smoke filled taverns. The symbols of power like crowns and flags can have almost magical power over people, especially in troubled times.

Here is my first tweet on the power in #Twitterville.

The 1st Lord of #Twitterville is appointed to rule by the far off King. He sits proudly in his castle but all know he has little real power.

I’ll do a round-up of everyone’s tweets on Thursday so get twittering!