Adventure Writing Competition

I’m really pleased to be able to offer this chance because 20 years ago I would of leaped at an opportunity like this.

Hell, any time before starting 6d6 Fireball I would of jumped at this chance.

We are running an adventure writing competition where the winners get their adventure published in a module and earn 100% of the profits from the module.

Yep, I know it is nuts, but truly 100% of the profit will go to the competition winners.

If you think we are pulling a fast one by what we mean by “profits” then check out the small print at the end.

Why are doing this?

The 100% honest answer is is that we think this is a great way to promote 6d6 Fireball whilst giving a chance to those 1000s of GMs who want to be writers. I sympathise with all those GMs because I’m like them. I’ve always wanted to be able to let my creative juices flow and get paid for it.

But I could never break in to the business.

So we have created this chance for GMs to get their big break.

To make it a fair competition, there are in fact two competitions.

1) 100% Amateur

Only open to people who have NEVER been paid to write RPG material (running your own blog is acceptable).

2) Semi-Pro

Only open to freelancers who have been paid in the past but who have NEVER been a full time employee of a games company.

The Prize

Winners get their name and adventure in print, a copy of the module and the prize money (but we don’t know how much money). 6d6 Fireball is run by Rob & I and we do it on a shoestring budget because we love gaming. We don’t have piles of cash to award as prizes which is why we came up with the idea that the winners get 100% of the profits instead.

As we are up-front guys, we have to warn you that this could be nothing, nada, zilch.

But it could be several hundred dollars.

The more we sell, the more the winners make.

The better the adventures, the more we will sell.

So writing the best adventures of your life will not only give you your best shot at getting into the module but also increases your
prize money.

The Details

All adventures must be supplied in plain text (no html, word documents or similar) and be a minimum of 2000 words long. There is no maximum length. Maps (if needed) must be supplied but these will be re-drawn by our pet artist. So as long as you can make them readable, there is no need for any artistic talent.

The adventures must be original work created by you. Nothing that has been published before, online or on paper, for free or for money, can be entered. Because of copyright and all that stuff, all adventures must be for D&D 3.5 and comply with the Open Gaming License or be entirely system neutral.

Finally, the big one, the adventure must match the criteria of the theme.

The Theme

Let me tell you a little secret. Everyone knows we sell miniatures but…

… we want to sell more.

We are launching a new set of Bearded Devils figures. Four figures, including 1 boss Bearded Devil and 3 underlings. All of them armed with Glaives. All your adventure needs to do is include Bearded Devils and ideally four of them.

It doesn’t matter if the devils are at the centre of the adventure or just a minor encounter. As long as they appear somewhere (but we will favour adventures that feature them prominently).

The Deadline

I’m a impatient sort of guy. Once I’ve had an idea I want it done as soon as possible. The module is scheduled to be published in July. Because of the time it takes to proofread and layout a module, we need your adventures now.

The deadline is the 12th May, less than six (yes, 6) weeks away.

A Helping Hand

To give everyone the best possible chance of success, we will accept draft version before the 1st May. If you send us a draft (and mark it clear as DRAFT) we will give you feed back on how it can be improved. You can then resubmitted additional drafts (if you have time) and a final version.

So get started and in a few weeks you could be a paid, published author.

Send your entries to:

The Small Print

All the winning entries will be published in a printed module available exclusively from 6d6 Fireball. All the details (size, layout, price etc) will be sorted out later but we aim to have a professional quality module at a reasonable price. We may also do a digital (PDF) version but that has not been decided yet.

Each winner will receive a share of the profits based on the length of their entry. Bonus shares will be awarded for best 100% Amateur winner and best Semi-Pro winner.

By profit we mean the difference between the sales price of the module (after any discounts, promotions, commission payments etc) and the costs.

The costs include, but are not limited to, the physical production costs (paper, printing etc), fonts & artwork costs plus specialised services such as proof-reading and type-setting. Basically, everything 6d6 Fireball has to shell out hard cash for. There will be no costs associated with the time Rob & I spend on the project and 6d6 Fireball will not take 1 penny from the module’s sales price.

Full details of costs and sales, plus the names of, and amounts paid to, the winners will be published on the blog.

Judging will be done by Chris & Rob at 6d6 Fireball headquarters along with guest judges.

By entering the competition, winning entries are granting 6d6 Fireball exclusive copyright in print and digital forms on the adventure for 6 months from date of publication.


  1. The winners will be announced once we have had a chance to judge all the entries. This will be about the end of May.


  2. Where do we send the completed adventures? And we are a group of GM and wish to make an adventure together, is this possible?

  3. Matt –

    Send them to

    Competition (at) 6d6Fireball (dot) com

    Groups efforts are acceptable but please nominate a party leader. All communications must go through that person and we will send any winnings to them. How you split up your winning between the group is up to you.

    We will give equal credit to all the people in the writing group in the printed module. So please send everyone’s name when you submit your entry.



  4. I’m very interested in this and got my ball rolling. I’ve put together a talented team.

    Question – If we do have an artist who can do some custom art that is approved, that can go in the published material as well?

  5. Flarestorm,

    It sounds like you are putting together a great team and I can’t wait to see a draft.

    Feel free to send ideas, fragments of the adventure or anything you want, to me for feedback. The more you do this, the more chance that we both end up with the adventure we want.

    The artwork is a difficult call. One of things we want to do when we publish the module is to have a consistent visual style through out. So I can’t say whether your artwork would fit in.

    A lot would depend on what the artwork is. If it is something relevant to the adventure, e.g. a picture of an artefact that helps the GM / Players understand the adventure we would probably use it. If it is just art for decoration then we probably would not use it.

    So I can’t give you a straight answer because I don’t know at the moment. I won’t really be able to say a final yes or no until I’m laying out the module and can see how everything fits in.

    However, if your artist wants to send some samples in, I would be delighted to take a look at them.

    All the best


  6. I was wondering if there was a certain level range you wanted the adventure to be? Did you want it for level 1-5 characters, or can it be any level range?

  7. Tanner –

    There is absolutely no limit on character level.

    Bearded devils are CR5 so they are a good monster for low to mid levels. But the devils can just be one part, even a small part, of the adventure so there is plenty of scope for other devils or monsters with higher challenge ratings to be involved. Or you could just have a lot of bearded devils.

    Either way, low or high, there is no constraints on the adventure’s level.


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