Yet More D&D Humor

There are a number of web comics around that focus on D&D players or take place in D&D / fantasy world but Familiar Ground finds a approach to D&D humor.

Famailiar Ground follows the fortunes of a standard adventuring party through the eyes of the party’s various familiars. Toad – the wizards familiar, Lady Sasha – a cat familiar to a Loreblade Dancer and Coco – The dumb but powerful paladin’s warhorse. Against the backdrop of the party’s adventures, these characters squabble and scheme in the name of a cheap laugh or two.

familiar ground

LATE NEWS: I’ve just got an email from David, who is promoting his series of Youtube videos called Gold. The videos follow a team of professional roleplayers as they prepare for the World Goblins & Gold Championship. In style, it takes off sports docudramas. In content, it is the lives and loves of a bunch of roleplayers. It is well put together and has a semi-professional feel to. I’ve only had a a chance to watch a couple of minutes but it has great D&D humor protentional: Go watch it: Gold.

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  1. I am loving the Gold videos! Thanks for the tip on those. I think my next Dwarven Fighter’s catchphrase will have to be “You’re in for a catastrophic cockpunch”. In the same accent as the girl in Episode 4 of course.


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