#Twitterville – The Sights and Smells

Thanks everyone for a great session on Tuesday twittering all the aromas, sounds and sights of #Twitterville. With last week’s NPCs and this week’s locations, it beginning to seem like a very real place. I may be compelled to draw a map.

  • The Temple of Lilithia, goddess of compassion always smells of jasmines and other flowers as though in a perpetual spring. – questinggm
  • Many whispers surround on the content of the abandoned warehouse of Thorek, dwarf gem merchant but none dares venture in. – questinggm
  • A skeleton of a horse rest in the stable of Stablemaster Dorn who never removes it, claiming that its owner will return for it – questinggm (An excellent #Twitterville entry and an idea I’m going to use.)
  • Longside street is the longest street in town and it is located in the district of thieves and muggers. It’s the longest walk. questinggm
  • The house & shop of trader Eld Florent is always a muddy, smoky, busy mess. By crude log walls lounge hopeful caravan guards. – rpgblog2
  • In the King’s Teeth tavern, next to trader Eld Florent’s place, everyone stands. No furniture can survive its rough patrons. – 6d6 Fireball
  • The Mossy Garden, a nickname for the outage end of the town sewers is where Scorchia grows her herbs and scour for objects. – questinggm (See last week’s #Twitterville for Scorchia)
  • The dank shop appears empty with numerous dusty and bare shelves. Yet, the scent of burnt flesh wafts from a shadowed alcove. – RickKrebs
  • Gardener Shembud owns a greenhouse that sells beautiful flowers from the warm lands and breeds a hive of poisonous butterflies – questinggm
  • There is a tree called the Mean Oak which legends say that on a certain day of the year, malevolent fairies come out to visit. – questinggm
  • Everyone has heard of the clangs of the Taunting Smith, owned by a magical intelligent hammer and his partner, a snarky anvil – questinggm
  • The Dark Room, an underground inn run by a snivferblin for underdark patrons that finds it by entering a cave in the sewers. – questinggm
  • The acrid odor eminating from the thatched roof of The Unrepentant Inn revealed the presence of a colony of nesting Stirges. – RickKrebs
  • It looks like a shack, but the house of Eidy Trash is trapped and labyrinthine. He sits in the cellar, sharpening his blades. – chgowiz
  • Brody the Bard’s Stage on Wheels has a constant lurch as it travels the streets. The gaudy purple orange has dulled a bit. – chgowiz
  • Kielli’s Kat Kastle, filled with bowls, boxes and guard cats trained in indifference, magic and serious stopping power. – chgowiz
  • There is a 30 yard swath of barren ground all around the perimeter of the town. Seems forest & fields shouldn’t grow too close – coffeechit
  • Old Jertzy’ Bakery sits on the corner of the market square. The warmth from its huge oven can be felt in the street. – 6d6 Fireball
  • The South Well has a symbol carved on its side. Worn smooth by age, only the gentlest of hands can trace its arcane shape. – 6d6 Fireball
  • The graveyard on the hill always smells like rotten leaves, even in spring. And it is always chilly there, even in summer. – occultsearcher
  • An NPC missed from last week’s round-up.

  • Talan, gravedigger, drives a stake through the heart of each corpse he burries. Should you be worried? – pjstoneson

There will be another #Twitterville next Tuesday.


  1. @Zachary

    I’m glad you are enjoying it because I am. I finding that to really forces you to distill your idea down to what is important.

    I think next weeks will be about the authorities of #Twitterville – both the official and the hidden.


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