#Twitterville – Looking Good (or Bad)

Last week’s #Twitterville exercise in creative writing was a lot of fun so let us do it again. If you missed it, don’t worry, it is so easy to get involve. All you have to do is write a tweet with the #Twitterville in it. You don’t even need to be following 6d6 Fireball on Twitter because we can find any tweets with the #Twitterville tag.

Today’s challenge is to flesh out the town of #Twitterville with some locations. The locations don’t need to be plot hooks (though they can be) but I want flavour text a GM can use. What the location looks like, smells like and what you hear there. Here is an example and look out for more on Twitter more during the day

#Twitterville The Cattle Gate leads up to the market and is always knee deep in a thick, rotting mix of mud and animal waste.

I’ll be doing a round-up of everyone’s #Twitterville later in the week.

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