#Twitterville – A Mysterious Place Indeed

On Tuesday we did a creative writing exercise on Twitter. The brief was simple – create a NPC with an adventure hook with just 140 characters.

Thank you everyone who took part. I found it useful exercise in editing and getting to the kernel of an idea. I hope it was useful for you as it was for me.

I will being doing another #Twitterville (or similar) next Tuesday but until then, here are all the NPCs.

  • Olaf, blacksmith on Ferry Lane, never buys coal but the forge is always hot. Marks on his anvil might be occult symbols – 6d6Fireball.
  • Nikki, a street urchin who picks pockets of strangers by tweeting like a rare type of bird on odd seasons as a distractio – questinggm.
  • Redman, the owner of the Broken Sword tavern, has six fingers on left hand. The extra finger is non-human and scaly – 6d6Fireball.
  • Zavinna, Redman’s barmaid. No one knows where she comes from and those who have entered her bed will never be able to tell – questinggm.
  • Irene, local gardener, complains that someone has been stealing penny royal, lavender and wolfs bane. Other herbs untouched – coffeechit.
  • Tom Spearhaft, known as the only honest man in the watch, has been seen around town with a woman and spending lots of cash – 6d6Fireball.
  • Scorchia, town healer and herbalist is just a regular old hag. Rumors spreads around town that she eats children and wears … – questinggm
  • Rumor has it there is a rain barrel in the back of the tavern that can transport one to an island floating with the stars – frdarvin.
  • Hepus, the half-crazed fisherman, swears he just saw a whale being carried out of the water by a flock of orange birds – frdarvin (who should wins the Self-Referential Humor Award for getting a Twitter reference into #Twitterville)
  • It was a dark and stormy night as the twins Tomb & Domb carried the head of the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut, into the monastery – RickKrebs (who wins the Edward Bulwer-Lytton Memorial Cup)
  • Isrisu – obessed with elves, follows them around. Has visions. Who knows what she’ll see if seduced by gorgeous male elf? – chgowiz
  • Foul O’Ron, an old beggar who frequents adventure’s taverns. Very high spot role to see something golden around his neck – 6d6Fireball.
  • MacGregor, shop owner; why does he always have exactly what you need? Even if you don’t know that at first – Lunatyk
  • Hiendson, once a leading guild member but now a drunk telling stories of evil & chaos at the highest level. Are they true? – 6d6Fireball
  • Halen, the village’s dummy, make fun of him as he says random things… ignore his words at your own peril… – Lunatyk
  • Alek is a bard who tells tales of great adventures in his past, a lost kingdom, and great treasures; too bad no one believes – allgeektout.


  1. It’s fun doing this. At least it will keep my creative brain oiled with some juice even though I’m not in a game currently. It’s quite challenging too with only 140 characters (as you can tell I didn’t get to finish Scorchia).

    ‘Irene, local gardener, complains that someone has been stealing penny royal, lavender and wolfs bane. Other herbs untouched’

    I don’t think I wrote this so I don’t want to lay any claim that this is mine.

    Questing GM´s last blog post..Word of Wizards – Player’s Handbook 2 & Open Grave Update

  2. Questing DM –

    Oops – a small mistake on my part. It was CoffeeChit who wrote that one – now fixed.



  3. Beth,

    I glad you enjoyed it. Look for something similar next week.

    You really must have a go at writing (and running) your own adventures. It is a rite of passage for all gamers.

    You also need to sign up for the 6d6 Fireball newsletter because very soon that is going to have something really exciting for people in your position.


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