A Test of Your Real Life Alignment – Uncle Bear Needs Your Help

Uncle Bear , one of the best RPGs bloggers out there needs your help.

Illness, a car crash, and a sick wife have left him in a situation where his choices are to have much needed medical treatment or to endure the pain and go back to work so they can pay the bills this month.

No man should ever be in this position but you can help.

If you think of yourself as a good person, as a hero who helps those in need, then it is time to act.

Go to the Uncle Bear website, and in the top, left hand corner there is a donate button. USE IT to donate $10 and become a real life hero.

This is your chance to do some good in the world and for only $10.

Do the right thing, reach out and help Uncle Bear, because the next person in need of help may be you.


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