Dungeon a Day goes Live

Monte Cook’s new project, Dungeon a Day has gone live. Practically everything except the player’s intro is for subscribers only so there is no way of test the content before buying. Even the forums are blocked so you cannot see what people are saying about the content. This is a mistake I think. Having a whole bunch of free, usable content as a taster seems like a no-brainer to me. Otherwise, how will anyone know if its worth buying?

Membership is $10 a month or $84 for ‘charter membership’ and $27 for quarter.

Here is the blurb from the press release:

Dungeonaday.com will be updated every weekday with a major encounter, plus frequent blog and podcast updates, monthly bonus encounters, and more. Members will find an active forum where they can ask questions, give feedback to Monte, exchange tips and ideas with each other, and help build Dungeonaday.com into a community of dungeon (and dragon) enthusiasts. The site features cartography from award-winning artist Ed Bourelle. It utilizes the Open Gaming License and its 3rd-edition compatible rules, but is easily used with other editions as well. Memberships are available on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis, but those starting a year’s subscription in March will become charter members at a special discount rate of $84 per year. The material presented on the site is suitable for characters of all levels and any fantasy campaign.


  1. An interesting read for many reasons. In some ways, Monte sounds like he’s setting himself up to be “the voice” of megadungeon design. “What I call megadungeon…” and buffing his bona fides on the same page. *shrug* It just… leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Monte’s not my voice for megadungeons, especially when the sample reads like any typical 3E adventure.

    Time will tell.

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  2. If you hit the “Level 1” link on the sidebar of Dungeon-A-Day there is some free stuff available (just saving someone else the trouble of poking around).

  3. I suppose if you are not into the creative aspects of GMing, £87 for 12 months of material is probably good value compared to buying printed scenarios.

    Why am I trying to defend this? In truth I’m largely with the rest of the poster’s to date in that I’m not really interested in buying into a mega-dungeon. Monte does suggest that he is going to offer a bit of campaign world outside the place so it might have legs as a viable world to play in.

    What might be interesting is how it all links up as it grows. Monte refers to hyper linking it together which will make it a more user friendly reference product than printed products. Having said that, I expect the structure will become progressively more corrupt and unwieldy as time goes on unless Monte has a lot of web savvy.

    My final point on this is that I wonder whether Monte has tapped into the best use of the internet in D&D. Perhaps hyper-linked documents is the only really viable application of electronics to D&D without turning it into some bastardised hybrid of World of Warcraft. I think it still works best on the table top, face to face and since Monte is talking about and promoting the use of figures, I hope he succeeds in making a go of it.

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  4. The only thing that has me even slightly interested in this is the ability to use it in the same way you would use the Dungeon Delve book for 4e. Something quick to throw together outside of a normal campaign. The promise add detailed use for Dungeon Forge models is quite nice as I have a good size set of DF models. Still, I am not sure I want to pay 80 bucks.

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