Thanks Everyone – UK Bloggers Meet-Up

Unlike any adventure I’ve ever played, this rendezvous in a bar didn’t end up either with a brawl or a local mentioning the strange happenings in the woods / deserted manor house / old dwarf mine. Instead we talked about 4e v 3.5, blogging, writing and about how we can help each other. In all, it was a very pleasant afternoon in the pub.

Joining Rob & myself from 6d6 Fireball, we had Steve of Fame & Fortune and Paul of Dingles Games. The mix of different approaches to gaming and the internet made for an interesting discussions and exchange of ideas. I hope to see something concrete coming out of this in the coming weeks.

No definite plans have been made for the next Meet-Up, but sometime in May seemed to be the general consensus.

A special thanks to those bloggers who helped publicise the meet-up even though they couldn’t attend. They are all great blogs so if you don’t already read them, check out.:

Stupid Ranger

Mad Brew Labs

The Dice Bag

Also thanks to Greywulf, Darran Sims, Games of State, The Gherkin Patch and The Recursion King who were unable to make it but sent their best wishes.


  1. Believe it or not I had actually talked my wife into driving down for the weekend. That was until we had an emergency call to babysit my niece on the saturday through to the sunday. Being covering in vomit not of my own making at 1.30am is never a good sign but if it’s not preceded by a night in the pub beforehand it’s never really worth it.

    Glad it went ok and looking forward to anything thats came from this 🙂

    Bob´s last blog post..Gaming Traditions

  2. It is a real shame you couldn’t make it and the baby vomit doesn’t sound fun either.

    Hopefully see you next time.


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