UK Bloggers and Readers Meet-up

A fun and informal gathering of UK based RPG bloggers and blog readers – 28th February in Nottingham.

RPG Bloggers & Readers

An opportunity for bloggers, their readers and anyone running a gaming related website to meet-up and chat. There is no formal agenda but the aim of the meeting to discuss ways to make the online community stronger and more vibrant. Various UK bloggers have expressed an interest and the Nottingham gang of 6d6 Fireball and Dingle’s Games will be out in force.

When & Where

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

2pm – 4pm, Saturday 28th February.

The Bell Inn (18 Angel Row, Old Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 6HL.) is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Nottingham, just off the Market Square. It is one of three pubs in Nottingham that claim to be the oldest in the country. The Bell is large and has several rooms so we plan to be sitting as near to the back of the back bar as possible (about No. 9 on this map). I shall bring a sign to put on the table so we will be easy to spot.

Nottingham is well served by road, bus, train and tram. If you are not familiar with the city, it is best to come via public transport or use one of the Park & Ride sites. Aim for the Market Square and from there, finding the pub is easy. Use this map or simply ask the nearest person. The Bell is well known landmark.

How You Can Help

Help spread the word. If you run a blog anywhere in the world, you will have some UK readers so please give the bloggers meet-up a mention on your web site. For the really keen, I’ve created a handy (but slightly naff) advert below to use. Just cut and paste the HTML below.


See you soon

We will be posting more reminders and further news over the next four weeks and we hope to see you on the 28th.


  1. Satyre –

    Excellent, another Nottingham blogger. There is a definite RPG blogging hot spot around the East Midlands.

    See you next Saturday.


  2. Faustusnotes

    Typical Londoner – No awareness of the world beyond the M25.

    Maybe a future meet-up will venture in the over-populated south 😉


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