Poll Results: The Missing and the Dead

Last weeks poll was on how we cope when players go missing or characters die.

The answer to the perennial question of what to do when a player can’t make the session seems to be that the character simply disappears for 55% of people. However there was an almost equal split (19% and 18%) between having the GM run the character and another player running the character.

I suspect that a lot of this depends on the group size and culture. Not all players leave their character sheets with the GM making the disappearing character the only real option. Though, if you are in a small group, the final option of cancel the session (8% of the votes) may be the only option.

It was a close run thing on the question “What is the worst thing another player can do?”. The two options of “Constantly talk about non-game stuff” and “Hogging the GM by going alone on long pointless side trips” battled it out all through the week. In the end, constantly talking won with 47% of the vote whilst hogging the GM got 40%. Having been irritated by both things many times over the year, I think hogging the GM is worse. You can always tell another player to shut-up.

Just as close was the next question on why characters die. Player stupidity won out with 45% of the vote but sheer dumb luck was close with 39%. It was good to see that vengeful GMs & players only got 6% of the vote. When I was a teenager gamer (many years ago), this was the most common cause of death by a long way.

Just as reassuring is that most of the time when we get mad, we say so and get on with the game (76%). Only 7% of us have stormed out. However 16% of you have killed someone and sworn the rest of the group to secrecy. To those 9 people I will simply point out that I have your IP addresses and unless I see a lot of links or comment love, I’m talking to the Feds.