Wanted: Beta Testers

I’m looking for half-a-dozen people to test out a new, free, online tool for DMs of D&D 3.5.

This is on behalf of a friend who is looking for a few people to try out his new tool before he opens it up to the world. This will only take 15 minutes (or many hours if you get hooked) plus however long it takes you to write a brief email letting him know what you thought and any problems you encountered.

The tool hopes to make one of the time consuming parts of GMing D&D 3.5 much, much faster and at the same time give your adventures some extra bite.

Please comment below and I will email you back with all the details. There is no payment or anything but if you have a blog or something else to promote we can repay in linkage.


  1. I have experience in Software QA, so if you’d like some functional testing or just a quick sanity test, let me know. I also have experiencing DMing D&D 3.5 and am currently playing a campaign with the ruleset.

  2. I’ll happily take a look, I’m a web programmer and I can give constructive feedback. I’m also still running 3.5 for the foreseeable future, so any useful new tools would be great.

  3. I would like to beta test. Also I am looking for developers to create 3.5 Automated Combat System

    Heroforge is great but to maintain and revitalize 3.5 is an DM helper automated system.
    Software developers, debuggers, database experts and enthusiastic data entry folks are needed to create a 3.5 gaming system that automates a lot of the number crunching and empower DMs & players to run a better game.

    I need your ideas, brilliance, passion and technical excellence to blow the doors off anything yet scene in the gaming world. Send us an email to talk about how we can work together. We are also creating the unified rule referencing tool.


  4. I will take a crack at it, I have been a GM for 10 years and I am always looking at a new tool to make my life easier.

  5. I would love to beta test as a gm I know how difficult organizing a game can be

  6. I would love to take a look at any GM tools your friend has as well. I’m currently running a home built world for D&D 3.5 and have a regular gaming group and could give some relevant feed back. Been involved with D&D since the late 1980’s.

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