1. It seems like none of the answers provided really fit me…

    #1 When playing I like to pretend to be somebody else, and really don’t care how I fight as long as I am using my abilities to do cool stuff and help the team.

    #2 My dice are digital!

    #3 The AI, Script and Graphic Designer in an elaborate vidya. This is often how I view myself as a DM as it helps me to visualize my job better and entertain myself and others best. When I think of myself as a narrator in a story I become too rigid, and when I think of myself as a referee I’m too flexible and the game diddles around or the players feel lost and uncertain.

    #4 Does the fudging dice as a DM count as cheating?

    Wyatt´s last blog post..Game Design Track 3: I Was A Teenage Robot Platypus

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