Poll Results: SF or Fantasy?

Of Books and Reading and That Sort of Thing was this week’s poll and it produced some interesting results. Both about our current habits and the future of reading.

The first question was the big one. What is your favourite type of genre for reading matter. The results of this one surprised me and early on in the week it looked as if it was going to be an unexpected landslide. However the end result was quite close.

In the battle between SF and Fantasy books, science fiction won with nearly 50% of the votes whilst fantasy books only got 39%. With D&D being the most popular RPG around and most blogs focusing on fantasy gaming, I thought fantasy books would be a shoe in. So why do we seem to prefer playing fantasy RPGs but reading SF?

The question on where we read did produce a landslide winner: At Home with 74% of the vote. Though on the toilet got 16% of the vote. Very few of you read whilst commuting. I guess that the rise in car ownerships and the easier alternative of iPods has cut into this reading time.

On the subjects of iPods, most of you (61%) listen to music with a fifth preferring audiobooks. A similar number opted for podcasts with a preference for independent podcasts at that. Which reminds me, I’ve been planning an round-up of gaming and gamer-friendly podcasts. Please post any suggestions for ones I should mention in the comments.

But what of the future? Will be all using Amazon Kindles to read our PHBs or is paper king for evermore? About half of you think that paper is it and will never be replaced. But 39% think that e-books and the like is the future. However the most important point of this poll is that no one, not a single person, said they owned one of these devices. If I was marketing an ebook reader I would be very worried that a section of public that is generally well off, interested in gadgets and likes to read is not buying these things. Until the technology is so cheap that they give it away in cereal packets, I think most of us are not interested.

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