News from Fantasy Games Unlimited

Fantasy Games Unlimited have emailed me to let me know that 2009 is promising to be a good year for retro-80’s gaming. They plan the release of Bunnies & Burrows and a whole slew of Space Opera products.

However at 6d6 we are interested in only one thing: Aftermath!

2008 saw the release of the Aftermath! Technology! and Aftermath! Survival Guide supplements plus reissue of the Operation Morpheus and Empire of Karo modules in a combined Lost Adventures pack. In 2009, they are promising the release of the Aftermath! Magic! supplement. If only these had come out in 1988, I would of been queuing up to buy them. I still might, just for the nostalgia.

One thing I must mention is the FGU website. It is awful. Clearly web design and presentation is not a strong point of David Harmer, the man behind this incarnation FGU. This is a real shame because the products are great and deserve more. A day by any half-compatent web designer could make this site so much better. In fact, David, if you are reading this, I will gladly redesign your site in exchange for a selection from the FGU back catalog.