Tentacle UFO Mystery Deepens

Have you ever been playing Call of Cthuhlu and wondered how the press would report the aftermath of your party’s adventure? This genuine headline from the Louth Leader suggests that a somewhere in the UK a group of adventures is desperately trying to recover its sanity points.

Turbine damaged by Cthuhlu

The story started when a wind turbine in Louth suffered severe damage (see photo) resulting in one blade being ripped off and another being badly mangled. Louth is a small town situated near the east coast of England in an area famed for flatness and monotony where the favourite pastime amoung young men is marrying their sister. People living in the area speculated that the damage was done by UFOs and now reports are coming in of tentacle shaped UFOs being spotted on the night in question.

Why UFO’s attacked a wind turbine is not explained.

The Sun has more details wild speculation: UFO hits wind turbine


  1. This article makes a wonder point. In games where the party is covert or where the party deals with things that people don’t normally believe in, the people are going to report all sorts of things for the groups non-covert activities (aka combat). Having fake news reports can add something to a game session.

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  2. What no one is mentioning is the fact that the missing blade is nowhere to be found. Did someone just cart away a 65 foot blade? Think about it.

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