Are you in the UK?

I’m putting a call out for UK based bloggers and blog readers.

Rob & I at 6d6 Fireball would like to get to know our fellow UK bloggers and readers better by organising an informal get together. As well as having the pleasure of putting faces to names, we think it would be a good opportunity for UK bloggers discuss ways we can work together for everyone’s benefit. For blog readers, it will a chance to meet, praise and or insult the bloggers first hand and let us know what sort of stuff you like.

We have no set plans about when & where as that will depend on how many people want to come and where you all live. Rob & I both live in Nottingham, a city that is pretty central with major transport links, so that will be our default option but if we find there is a huge cluster of interested people elsewhere, that is where the meeting will be.

What actually happens on the day will also depend on numbers but most likely it will be a few hours in a pub on a Saturday afternoon. Alternatively we can hire a room somewhere and organise things a bit more formally if we get the numbers.

Comment below if you are interested with some indication about where in the country you live, where you are willing to travel to and any ideas you have have.


  1. There is actually a collaborative map on the RPG Blogger’s Google Group just now, with locations of members and cons.

    Take a look:,0.351563&spn=15.252253,40.913086&z=5

    This would also be an expression of interest, although I can’t really get south before summer due to other commitments unfortunately.

    Hammer´s last blog post..New Year’s Gaming Goals and Resolutions

  2. Greywulf – Excellent!
    We will have to find somewhere mutually convenient to meet up.

    Hammer – A bizarre coincidence.
    Created this posted yesterday then logged in my email and saw that map on the RPG bloggers email list. There must be an RPG blogger herding instinct.

  3. Darren

    A Derby based RPG convention would be great. Rob & I will be happy to help in some way and we will probably want a trade stand for our figures.

    I was thinking of meeting up in the next few weeks. Maybe we can discuss the con and how 6d6 Fireball can help you then.


  4. RK

    Sheffield – Excellent!

    Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Chesterfield – The East Midlands is turning into a real RPG Blogger hot spot.


  5. I’m with Hammer on this one. Interested but struggling to find a time when I’d be able to do any travelling 🙁

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