Christmas Poll Results

There was only one issue really to be decided by this poll and that was “What is the best Christmas film?” Some people complained about the lack of ‘A Christmas Story’ as an option but this is really an American phenomenon. The rest of the world have never heard of it.

And the winner of the “best Christmas film” was ….

A dead heat between my two favourite Christmas films, with both taking 24% of the vote, the winners were The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life. Two truly great films.

Otherwise, the poll results were predictable. Most of you thinks board or tabletop games make the best presents but gadgets came a close second. The idea of clothing as a present got zero votes. As a whole, people want to spend Christmas at home with their partner and friends though going to ones parents was also a popular option. Finally, the best thing about Christmas is that we are all material bastards, as 48% of you opted for Presents over gaming time, food or drink.

Merry Christmas from Rob & Chris.


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