Quick Roll

Next-Gen Dice Roller for the iPhone

Chris Redford sends us word of his new dice rolling app for the iPhone Quick Roll. Rather than just display a pretty picture of dice moving with realistic physics, Quick Roll appears to mange all your dice rolls quickly and easily. Here, watch the video:

Personally, I don’t see any application replacing good old D&D dice but then again, I might be grumpy old man who doesn’t like change.


  1. That was a pretty interesting video. I don’t think it will replace my dice soon either. (For one thing, I don’t own an iphone). I do think that applications like this will be a boon to those that use computers while they are gaming. I like the concept of it being used as a roll manager rather than a pure dice roller.

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  2. Looks nice. I don’t think it will replace table dice but it’s great for those on the road or at work who don’t have access to their dice but need them. For example, in my PbP, I use Invisible Castle to roll dice because I don’t want to bring my dice to work.

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