Poll Results: Online and Sociable

The results for last week’s poll shows that we are a pretty online and sociable bunch.

Facebook was the clear winner amongst the social networks (I’m Chris Tregenza on Facebook) with 66% of you using it. Twitter is a long way behind with 33% (Tregenza on Twitter). MySpace and a generic Other option both picked up 22% each. This result is not surprising given Facebook’s general popularity and Twitter’s strong showing reflects its growing popularity. Slightly surprising in MySpace’s poor showing but then again it has always appealed to a different demographic than Facebook.

Our second question was “Have you ever used a web site or social network to find RPG players in your area?”. The result was pretty much a 50/50 split (53% no / 47% yes to be exact). I think a question for a future poll should ask how effective it was.

From question 3, it is clear that tabletop roleplaying is a very different hobby from MMOG style roleplaying. 35% of people have not played a MMOG and have no interest in doing so. An almost similar number do or have played them but in a non-obsessive way. Only 22% have played them obsessively. Presumably these are ex-players as anyone hooked on WoW at the moment will be too busy to read blogs.

The most interesting results came from question 4, “Have you played tabletop games online with Game Table or similar software?”. 50% of respondents indicated they might try it sometime. But out of those people who have already tried it, 2-to-1 said they were not happy with it. This might be that the technology is simply not good enough yet or it could be that most gamers need that face-to-face interaction in their sessions.

The poll does show Wizards online ambitions and problems in a new light. Clearly there is a market for a good “meet players near you” service / D&D social network. However D&D Insider’s most promoted feature, the online gaming table, looks like a huge gamble that Wizards have lost. Online tabletop gaming sounds like a good idea but in reality it may not be what most people want.

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  1. I disagree that Wizards has lost. The problem I’ve had with every online gaming tool is that the learning curve is steep enough that someone can’t just jump in and play. If Wizards can make it very easy, they should be successful.

    Tony Law´s last blog post..Lessons from my youth

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