Latest Wizard’s Releases: Manual of the Planes

Manual of the Planes

Wizard’s latest release is the Manual of the Planes with a new array of planes debuting in 4th Edition the homes of gods, devils, demons, genies, fey and titans. There is a good introduction to the planes extract on the WotC site:

A plane’s type describes its basic nature and place in the cosmos. The term “plane” applies to many different places. Sigil, City of Doors, is a plane, even though it’s no more than a few dozen miles in extent. It drifts in the multiverse unconnected to any other physical reality. The Abyss is also a plane. It is many thousands of miles in extent, large enough to swallow planets, but it’s only a finite region of the Elemental Chaos. A traveler can walk (or more likely fall) into the Abyss from the surrounding Elemental Chaos, but a different set of physical and metaphysical laws apply in the Abyss than in the Elemental Chaos. In that sense, the Abyss is a plane separate from the surrounding Elemental Chaos.

Excerpts: Types of Planes, Feywild, Rituals, The Shadowfell, Astral Dreadnought

P2 Demon Queen’s Enclave

The follow-up to the well received King of the Trollhaunt Warrens and part two of the trilogy though it can as a standalone adventure. Part three, Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress will be on sale in March 09.

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Plague of Spells

Forgotten Realms fiction.

Award-winning game designer Bruce R. Cordell depicts the rise of a monstrous nation of elder evil as only he can in this brand-new trilogy Abolethic Sovereignty. Dedicated to showcasing one of the most fascinating new aspects of the changed face of Faerûn, this trilogy is packed with the exciting battles, wizardry, and monsters that are the hallmark of Forgotten Realms novels as well as introducing a new never-before-seen element of Lovecraftian horror to Faerûn.

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