Three Historical Roleplaying Name Generators

I recently put up a post about roleplaying names and talked about online name generators without going into depth. I thought I’d share with you some links I use and some I’ve found that are all based around historical cultures or their meaning.

Name Generators with History and Meaning

Behind the Name does not have a massive selection of names in every group but it does cover some interesting cultures. It includes a lot of unusual language types like Kurdish, Cornish and Macedonian as well as having mythical and Ancient sections. I think you’ll find something with a good sound and an interesting meaning.

Your baby’s name is more typical of many conventional name sites out there but it has a huge alphabetical listing all with associated meanings. It is a good place if you don’t mind trawling and is comprehensive.

2000 Names is grouped into themes as well has containing list based on nation or language. This link takes you to the section of evil names as an example. This may be a good for those with a clear idea of the meaning they are looking for.