Poll Results: How, how, where and how?

Last week’s poll was all about your role-playing sessions.

The answer to “How often do you Roleplay” came back load and clear with 64% saying every week but with 27% playing only monthly. Group size was less clear cut. Most people (58%) play with three or four others but a sizable minority (33%) play with five or more.

The striking result and clearest answer we have had on these polls was “Where do you normally game?”. 97% responded that they game at someone’s house. Only one person selected any other venue. This is a result of 6d6’s readership. Blog readers then to be older gamers with their own place where as most of the people playing in school clubs, in games shops or in cafes or pubs tend to be younger.

How long do you game for? was question number four. This was absolutely evenly split for most of the week but in the end ‘five or six hours’ edged ahead with 47% to ‘three or four hours’ (41%). This is an interesting balance to question three. Younger people tend to play for longer because they don’t have kids, wives, jobs and other annoying distractions.

This poll, more than our previous polls, is skewed by the nature of blog readers. Our gaming habits certainly change as we get older and blogs tend to appeal to the more experienced person. That said, it shows that most of us are getting regular fixes for our gaming addiction alongside a fair number players. That is a very healthy sign for the industry.