Five Resources for Fantasy Themed Roleplaying Names

Here are some more name generators in the context of my recent article about roleplaying names. This time I have collected together those with a fantasy theme.

The Bards Tales appears to be very popular and therefore should feature in my list. I however am not a huge fan. Whilst this generator does provide a good fantasy feel it has a randomness which means you will discard a lot. I would not use this source if I wanted a bunch of names with a similar style.

This is an Orc enthusiast site that has a good set of names with a Tolkien style. It is based on a list but will provide enough for most games. If you must, it will also generate GW Orc names.

This site is full of generators for more than just names although I have not really explored their full capabilities. It is great for non-human names and has a random name generator where you can set some parameters. It still does not quite deliver to my mind in terms of quality names with a common theme but still a good tool.

Finally, I had to include the Cult of Squid site not least because it has a great name and an even better strap line. It is not a D&D site but the names it comes up with are usually good and some of the generator themes you can choose are useful.

Absolutely finally, have a look at these fine generators for Dwarf names and for Elven Names sent to me by Olan at the Red Dragon Inn. No meanings but great names – and thats what counts.