Gratuitous Sexy Maid

Note: The inclusion the sexy maid in this photo is entirely gratuitous.

A new Japanese product would make an interesting gaming table.

memodesk gratuitous sexy maid

The Memodesk is a basically a table with a huge notepad for a surface, a bit like a horizontal flip-chart. Now if it could be pre-printed with 5′ squares scaled for 28mm it would make a great battle mat. At the end of every combat or session the top sheet can be ripped off and placed on the wall. Leaving players and GMs with a permanent record of campaign.

It also makes a great surface for scribbling notes on. Ideal for a Call of Cthulhu or similar investigation type campaign where it can be hard to keep track of all the information players discover.


  1. That actually looks pretty cool, Chris. You’re right, too, when you say that they should have pre-printed gridded sheets (1″ for us in the States, of course). Also, the descriptive text for this item on the web-site is hilarious. Gotta wonder if they pulled their English translation from babble-fish.

    I look forward to more reports with the tag, “sexy maid”, too, lol.

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