Penguin Boobs!

You may be beginning to think that 6d6 Fireball have an obsession with boobies. With our cutting edge reporting on Dragonborn Females Have Boobs and Will the Person Searching for “Gnoll Boobs” Please Stand Up it is easy to see why someone would jump to that conclusion. But our mandate is to bring you the best in gaming news and it is just a coincidence that it often involves boobs.

Otomedius Gorgeous! is a new Japanese arcade game coming to the X-Box but I think it will have a far wider impact, I believe that the designers have hit on the perfect ingredients for any game and it is only a matter of time before the RPG version is out. Just look at what Eurogamer had to say about it.

Otomedius Gorgeous! is essentially a game about penguins and cleavage.

The perfect mix:

Penguins, probably the most entertaining animal on the planet.

Boobs, probably the most entertaining things ever!

It is only a matter of time before someone nicks this perfect cocktail for an RPG game.

I’ve no idea what the game is like and I’m not sure it matters. But checkout this trailer with the wonderful write up of:

In the future, all space battles will be conducted by giggling, scantily clad women who all dress like a high school bus has just crashed into a burlesque troop on the way to a circus.