1. My responses to questions 1 and 2 would be ‘In the past 3 months’ but that option wasn’t available so I pick the closest answer… one month is closer than twelve months… *shrug*

    Also, what if there’s a campaign setting included in a core rulebook? For question 1 and 2, I answered both with the same book in mind…

    The item in question was the Ars Magica 5th Edition rulebook which I purchased with a gift certificate from my birthday (back in Sept). It includes Mythic Europe as the default campaign setting…

  2. Rekres,

    Multi-choice polls always present these sort of problems but I trust gamers are smart and to pick the best option.


  3. I suspect that the last question should read “bought” not “brought”.

    Because if it’s asking when I last purchased minis it’s been a while. If it’s asking the last time I transported them to my game it would be very recent.

    Jeff Greiner´s last blog post..The Tome Ep 91: DCC 53-55

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