Poll Results: Spaceships & Swords

This week’s poll was a little more abstract than previous ones as it focused on genres and game styles. As everyone has a different take what makes up a genre, it was a little bit tough to complete.

Question one asked “What is your favourite genre?” and the clear winner was Fantasy with 66%. Second place went to science fiction with 14% of the vote. Clearly fantasy games (and that probably means D&D) still rule the roost but it is slightly surprising that other genres are so far behind.

Next up was the type of world you wanted to play in. A big majority, 68% wanted a world that the GM had created for themselves with only 24% opting for commercial products. This I did find surprising, though it matches my views exactly, and I wonder who is buying all those Forgotten Realms supplements. Question three on the rule system was a no brainer, with nearly everyone going for a detail system but with house rules. Almost no one was interested in home-brew, ruleless or strict adherence to a system.

The last question was on how adventurous you are in your choices of system and the answer is not very. Almost 50% play long campaigns with only occasional changes in systems & settings. But over 30% of people do regularly play different games. Effectively an equal amount of players either go out of their way to experiment or never change.

What this poll reveals is why D&D is still king. We want to play fantasy games, in worlds created by the GM and when we have a setting we like, we stay with it. D&D allows us to do this and because it is often the first RPG a gamer plays, we tend to stick with it. It makes you wonder what could possibly shift D&D off the top-spot in the next 5 – 10 years.

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  1. Interesting results, and a good breakdown of the meaning of the results. I think D&D will continue to rule RPGs for a very long time. If you ask a non-gamer to tell you what roleplaying game they have heard of, it will invariably be Dungeons & Dragons. It’s out there, people know about it, even non-gamers. It has a huge backing by WotC and pretty much always will. And as you pointed out, it fits right into the play style of most gamers. I hate to compare it to this (because it cheapens it), but it is kind of like the Microsoft of RPGs. Good or bad, it will be there.

    Samuel Van Der Wall´s last blog post..Game Geeks #83 Pathfinder RPG Beta Playtest by Paizo

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