Poll: Spaceships & Swords – Which Genres and Types of Games do you Play?

D&D dominates the RPG world but there are many different types of games out there. Rather than which specific rule system you prefer, we want to know what types of systems you prefer.

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  1. My vote on question 2 went to ‘something the GM has created themselves’ – but in my own case, I do use published material as a framework or starting point rather than starting with a blank slate. I don’t have time to build everything from scratch (I only wish I did!). But I do heavily modify the published material in most cases, and sometimes beyond recognition. I guess a lot of GMs work this way.

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  2. I have to agree with Brent, this was a tough one to fill out. There is also a difference between what I actually able to game and what I’d like to game. For example, I like to try different systems and settings but in reality, I’m usually only playing in long campaigns and change over so often. I think in the perfect situation, I’d have long campaign with an ever changing side game.

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  3. What is your favorite genre can’t really be multiple choice. You’ve got Horror as two different options here, and only one style of Fantasy. I think the options you gave reveal more about your preferences then those taking the poll. I don’t think you could avoid that without giving about 20 different options.

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