Poll Results: D&D Players do it Weekly

The results of this weeks poll, D&D Past and Future are in.

Question one was on how often you play D&D and over half of us play it weekly and only 13% never or only occasionally play it. Though this is probably unrepresentative of the larger RPG community as it was a poll about D&D.

When asked about which version of D&D you had player, the results get interesting. Clearly those of you answering this poll are long-time gamers with a significant number of people having played AD&D 1st Edition and older versions. Most notably, as many people had played the Basic / Expert edition as have played the 4th Edition.

However when asked which versions have you played in the last 30 days, there was a clear split. Both 3.5 and 4e versions were played equally with 45% each. The older versions where equally balanced with between 7% – 11% playing any and every version between OD&D and the 3.0 Edition.

The future of D&D gaming is also split. 33% say they are playing 4th Edition all the time but 44% have no desire to play it all. The remaining 22% of people want to play it soon or are playing the odd game to see how they get on with it.

Over six months since the launch of D&D 4e, there still seems to be a distinct split between those who love 4e and those who hate it. Despite that, D&D as a whole is still being played every week by over half the gamers out there so don’t expect to see D&D dying out any time soon.


  1. As someone who has no plans to go to 4ed, I think hate it is too strong of a word for me. Still, like you I find more interesting that games are played on average 1 a week for DnD as whole. I actually find interesting that people play just about every edition of DnD there is, not to mention the various retro/clone versions of the game. I think what’s important is there is a version of the game to suit just about anyone and people are playing. The games may change, but the hobby will not die as long as people continue to play.

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