1. @Lurkinggherkin – That would like to an interesting poll. A poll in why you don’t play 4th ed.

    At the time I write this, I find it interesting that one person has played OD&D but there are no votes in the category Editions of D&D you have played.

    While this is strictly a D&D Poll, I’m a little surprised some of the OGL 3.5 Fantasy Games were not also listed, for example Pathfinder RPG:Beta, or True20. Even through they are not D&D in name, there are variants of D&D to some extent.

    The interesting thing, if it wasn’t for the side game that I’ve been playing the last few months would have been listed as occasionally as my primary group has had major issues getting together lately.

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  2. After our D&D 4E playtest this summer (half the group liked the new edition, half hate it) we’re on hiatus from our D&D campaign until we playtest the final Pathfinder rules next year. In the mean time, we’re playing Star Wars: Saga Edition.

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