Poll Results : More Bloggy than I Expected.

Last weeks poll was on RPG Blogs, bloggers and their readers

Question one was “Are you a RPG Blogger?” and it turns out that over 70% of you are. Well, at least 70% of people who answer polls are bloggers. Question two was “Do you write any non-RPG blogs?” I was surprised to see that over 40% of RPG bloggers do write other blogs. This was much higher than expected. May be we should organise a special RPG Blog Carnival on “When I’m not RPG Blogging I ….”

Question three was about where you live and it turns out over half of you are American but we won’t hold that against you now that you have a new president. I was impressed that 11% of you are in mainland Europe. I always think of RPGs as a game for native English speakers so I would love someone to do a post on non-English RPGs.

The final question was “How do you read your favourite RPG blogs?”. The answers to this were really unexpected. About a third of you read the RPG Bloggers Network off the website whilst less than 20% read the RPG Bloggers Network of their RSS feed. It would never occur to me to read it off the web site. Using an RSS reader means you can keep track what is new without running the risk of will miss anything.

Thanks to everyone who voted, watch out for a new poll tomorrow.


  1. What is Google Reader? I’m a complete numbskull about this sort of thing, and I check my blog stats on wordpress and keep saying a bunch of google reader links as the referrers, which surprised me as I had no idea what that was. A friend of mine shouted “GOOGLE CONSPIRACY.”

    Also, I’m apparently a big hit in Italy and Norway according to wordpress (and it seems to be because of my Cthulhutech and Saya No Uta posts, surprisingly), so don’t count out those wily European gamers.

    Wyatt´s last blog post..Fleurian Pact Warlock

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