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RPG Blogs not in the RPG Bloggers Network

Us members of the RPG Blogger Network tend to be fairly incestuous; with lots of reading and commenting on each others RPG blogs. But as strange as it may seem there are some Role-playing blogs that are not on the network.

A lot of the above come originally from this list. I’ve filtered out blogs that have not been updated regularly or no longer seem to be about RPGs.

If you know of any other RPG related blogs I missed, please add them to the comments.

More RPG Blogs!


  1. This is a nifty post, thanks. I often only read and comment about what’s on the network for simplicity – though I know full well there are people not on it, like myself. And thanks to Jon for pointing my little corner of the net out.

    Wyatt´s last blog post..Monsters Of Eden: Heroic Tier

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