Is it a boy blog or a girl blog?

Gender Analyzer claims that “It uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman” so I thought I would use it to check out some RPG blogs.

Starting with ourselves, it correctly identifies 6d6 Fireball (Rob & myself) as male. Chatty DM is also male it seems. Something that will be a relief to his wife and kids. Judging by the look of his blog, Greywulf is fairly macho and Gender Analyzer can clearly smell the testosterone and declares Greywulf male.

Ok, now for the ladies. Gaming Sam definitely looks female (see image right) and Gender Analyzer agrees. On the other hand Dungeon_grrrl claims to be a female but Gender Analyzer thinks she is a man.

Lets check out the two most obvious female blogs in the RPG Bloggers Network. Geeks Dream Girl whose tag line is “helping guys like you get girls like me” appears to be man as well. So anyone following her advice may end up with a Lola-esque surprise. What about “High fantasy. High maintenance”d20 Blonde. Sorry guys, she is a man as well.

So we have clear evidence that three quarters of all female RPG bloggers are in fact men.

Or maybe Gender Analyzer is a load of crap.


  1. Ha ha! I’m happy to know that I was pegged correctly.

    I think that what the Gender Analyzer is looking for is girly girl stuff from female bloggers. As Geek’s Dream girl assessed already, she’s not into that at all. Dungeon_Grrrrl, with her overtly ‘Hurra for Boobies’ themes and content most certainly shows the bias of the filter.

  2. Um..yeah. D20blonde is not only female, she’s a freakin Amazon and could kick your ass. It is in fact a load of crap.

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