What WotC should of done with D&D Miniatures

Over the last few days I’ve been critical of Wizards change of tack with D&D Miniatures with articles like WotC Now Exploiting People Less? and Wizards Continue to Miss the Point. Here is what I think they should of done instead.

Set The Skirmish Game Free

Dumping the skirmish game side of D&D miniatures is sound business sense but they had a number of loyal players who have now been abandoned by WotC. Those people are going to think twice before investing in another Wizards’ game.

To compensate those disappointed players, Wizards should set the skirmish rules, all stats and everything related to the game free. Put PDFs up on the web site and renounce their copyright and other claims on them. Hard core skirmish fans can now develop the game however they like. May be it will still die out but at least the players will feel some ownership and control over the game’s fate. And it just might trigger a resurgence in the game that keeps people buying the figures.

No Random Packs

An accessory is defined as “a supplementary component that improves capability”. Having a bunch of D&D Miniatures you don’t want and can’t use does not improve a game of 4e. Random packs add nothing to the game so ditch them.

These two simple actions would do more to boast D&D miniatures sales than anything Wizards have done.