Webmaster Murdered

A worrying reminder to all bloggers and web masters

Matthew Pyke, a gamer who ran the Wars Central web site, was stabbed to death last week. A man, living in Germany, is helping police with their enquires and it seems that the murder was related to activity on the web site. If the murderer turns out to have mental health problems I will not be surprised.

This crime strikes very close to home, literally and figuratively.

As a webmaster, blogger and frequent commenter on other people’s sites, it is worrying that something I write could make me the target of violence. In the internet age, stalkers are no longer restricting themselves to the celebrities.

Even more worrying is that Mr Pyke lived in Nottingham, only a few miles from where I sit. He lived above a pub that I used to regularly frequent. That such a random tragedy happened so close to home should not change my perception of it but it does.

Source: Man arrested in Germany over killing of British wargame fanatic (via Purple Pawn )