D&D – The Year Ahead

A look at what Wizards of the coast are releasing over the next twelve months.

WARNING: This post contains high levels of cynicism and sarcasm brought on by rampant commercialism, a hangover and being British.

21st October 2008

  • Deluxe Editions: Dungeon Master’s Guide; Monster Manual; Player’s Handbook

    Features embossed foil covers, premium gilt-edged pages and incorporate material from the update documents, including the new Stealth rules! A cynical person might think that they should of got the Stealth rule right the first time around and that this is deliberate ploy to get fans to buy two copies of the rules.
    Amazon Pre-order: PHB, DMG, MM

  • P1 – King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

    Trolls – They are big, bad and coming your way. An adventure for the early stages of the Paragon tier.
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    Dungeon Tiles DU2 – Streets of Shadows

  • 18th November 2008

  • Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons

    If you like dragons, this is the book for you. According to WotC:

    …a blue dragon prefers to stay back and blast foes with lightning, a red dragon often plunges into the thick of things and mixes it up in melee. Red dragons can take a lot of punishment, too, whereas black ones are slightly less hardy and like to lurk before making surprise strikes. Green dragons, such as Cyan Bloodbane, seek to control the battlefield and influence the actions of others.

    As 4th Edition D&D moved toward the ideal of multiple foes in the average encounter, one exception persisted: dragons. Designers needed to figure out how to make a fight against one dragon as much fun as a fight against four or five monsters. Taking a cue from Wizards of the Coast minis games, designers took the straightforward route, giving dragons and other solo monsters multiple turns each round. A whole suite of immediate actions makes a dragon a dynamic foe.

    Amazon Pre-order

  • Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

    Amazon claims that “The D&D Roleplaying Game Starter Set introduces the complex world of D&D play to new fans in simple, easy-to-understand ways while retaining the fantastic inspiration of the full game experience. ” Funny, I thought the point of 4e was to make D&D a quicker, easy to understand game for the WoW generation. Some relevant chatter on the WotC forum.
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Martial Power

    Apparently this has hundreds of new options for martial heroes: characters that rely on their combat talents and keen wits for survival. With new archetypal builds for the fighter, ranger, rogue, and warlord classes, including new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies. With 1e AD&D, it was six years between the publication of PHB and introduction of the different fighter options in Unearthed Arcarna. With 4e, it is only six months after the PHB. I wonder why that is?
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    Dungeon Master (4e) for Dummies

  • 16th December 2008

  • Manual of the Planes

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles gods and demons. A “useful travel guide” according to WotC or possibly a christmas present for the geek in your life.
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    P2 – Demon Queen’s Enclave

  • January 2009

  • Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead

    Other than some artwork and a release date (20th January) I can find absolutely nothing on the WotC about this product, however I did find this from the WotC Spring Catalog 2009 “… undead origins, tactics, myths, lairs, behaviors … elements in Open Grave give DMs ready-to-play material that can be easily incorporated into a game.”
    Amazon Pre-Order

  • February 2009

  • Dungeon Delve

    Want a night of mindless hack&slash without any prep time? Then Dungeon Delve is for you. At least according the gossip on the forums.
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    Dungeon Tiles DU3 – Caves of Carnage

  • March 2009

  • Player’s Handbook II

    WotC says this book will help players build more exciting and interesting characters. Thank god for that, the ones in the PHB were so dull and all those options in the Martial Powers book were just so much glitter on a dog turd. Now at last, nearly a year after the original PHB, life can be exciting with barbarians, druids, sorcerers, gnomes, half-orcs and the goliath.
    Amazon Pre-Order

  • Other Releases

    P3 – Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress; Player’s Handbook Power Cards; Martial Power Cards; D&D Miniatures Starter Set; Feywild Booster Pack

  • April 2009

  • Arcane Power

    New archetypal builds for the wizard, warlock, sorcerer, bard, and swordmage classes with new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies. I wonder how many of these powers will be properly play tested? Or better yet, how many of these options will be properly balanced with the material in the PHB or will WotC continue drive book sales with ever more powerful powers?
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    E1 – Death’s Reach

  • May 2009

  • Monster Manual II

    I’m guessing there will be lots monsters in this book.
    Amazon Pre-order

  • Other Releases

    Dungeon Magazine Annual 2009; Player’s Handbook II Power Cards

  • June 2009

  • Other Releases

    Arcane Towers – DU4 Dungeon Tiles (June, 2009); Eberron Campaign Guide; E2 – Kingdom of the Ghouls

  • July 2009

  • Divine Power

    There is zilch on the WotC web site except some art work but my suspicion is that it will contain “hundreds of options” for divine spell casters that are “exciting”.

  • Other Releases

    Eberron Player’s Guide; EB1 – Secrets of the Ashen Crown

  • August 2009

  • Adventurer’s Vault 2

    ISBN 9780786952045

    More of the magic items, armour and weapons found in the first Adventurer’s Vault. I bet you can’t wait.

  • Other Releases

    Arcane Power Cards; Revenge of the Giants

  • Sources: Wotc Forums, WOTC release schedule, WotC previews and the Enworld forums.


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