RPG Bloggers Network – With Bells On

6d6 Fireball is now part of the RPG Bloggers Network. Many thanks to Dave and everyone else involved.

One slight grumble about it, from a reader’s perspective, is the RSS feed for the network. This only has the first hundred words or so of each post and I find that I want all the article. The title and a brief extract often isn’t enough to tell me whether I want to read something or not. So I took the decision to add all the RPG Blogs separately into Google Reader. This gives me everything these blogs produce, not just the RPG content, and except for a few blogs that only put out extracts on their RSS feeds, I get the full article with images.

I suspect I’m not the only person to want more from their RPG blogs so to save everyone else a load of typing, I have exported an OPML file. Most RSS readers support OPML as a way of exporting and importing lists of blogs. So you should be able to pull this into your own reader.

RPG Bloggers Network OPML – Right click on the link to save it to your local drive and then use the import tool in your RSS reader to upload it.

As the RPG Bloggers Network grows, I shall try to update it.

EDIT: I’ve updated the OPML to remove all the duplicates that Marcel found.


  1. JUst to make sure I understand it ruight…

    When Google Reader imports the file, it will automagically add all of the RPG Blogger feeds??

    That would rock!!

  2. Marcel – Yes it is all the RPG Blogger network feeds.

    No, there should not duplicates of blogs. If there is, let me know which ones and I will fix the list.

    However, you can get duplicate posts (I see it regularly on non-RPG sites). I’m not sure if this a bug in Google Reader or something to do with the site’s feed.


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