Friday’s Bucket of Links

A quick round-up of what is happening around the RPG web sites.

Fonts & Fantasy: The wonderfully named Aardy R Devarque has obsessively documented which fonts have been used in the various TSR / WotC products over the years: TSR & WotC Font Usage FAQ (Note: The site seems to be down at the moment so try the Google Cache). As a dabbler in graphic design, I really appreciate his work in identifying fonts. People like Aardy who document details of fonts have make it possible for me do designs like this or this. — Thanks to RPG Blog II and The RPG Site for the link.

There is more fantasy font goodness here and famous TV show fonts.

Real world heroes and villains who put most PCs and NPCs in the shade get a good discussion on EnWorld: Mundane vs. Fantastical. — Thanks to Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source for the link.

Further down the same discussion on real world heroes and villains it branches into a discussion into reality in fantasy games provoking this excellent post on sword fighting techniques complete with lots of YouTube videos showing different techniques. An excellent starting point for anyone designing their own game system.

An interesting Superhero / Horror / Apocalypse campaign idea on The Geek Gazette.

Sticking with the end of the world, The Geek Emporium brings us Four Unique & Interesting Ways to Bring About the Apocalypse.