28mm Fantasy Miniatures – Buy Them Here

6d6 Fireball is pleased to announce the launch of their 28mm Fantasy Miniature range.

Designed by ex-Games Workshop staffer and my 6d6 Fireball partner-in-crime Rob Grimley, our range of 28mm miniatures is eclectic. We did not want to do the same fantasy figures everyone else did. After all, how many orc warriors do you need? So we have gone for the unusual.

quorakon shamenThe Quarakon range takes pride of place. A complete new monster and society for GMs including juveniles, warriors, shamans and chieftains. The full background including stats and treasure plus a free adventure can be found in our adventures section. Though scaled as a 28mm fantasy miniature, these monsters tower over humans. You can check the scale of our figures using the handy Approximate Scale graphic on each miniature’s page.

Drax the ChainWe also have Bearded Devils, the heavy infantry of the demonic world, stone age barbarians and a scattering of humans, gnomes and half-elves.

My favorite figure is the human warrior Drax the Chain but this is simply bias. Drax is my character from our regular Thursday Night sessions. I really like playing the character and to have it cast as a 28mm fantasy miniature is a real treat. Unlike the standard fighter who has a sword, a shield and then just slugs it out with whoever is in front of him, Drax is all about movement and reach with his spring attack and 10′ chain. Nimbly moving around the battlefield, making enemies chase him, he takes advantage of all the attacks of opportunity that he force from the enemy. When combined with his brother’s sneak attacks and his cousin’s Corvell‘s magic, the party can make mincemeat of their foes. Drax’s character sheet is free to use for when you want an NPC with attitude.

All our figures are made of British Standard Pewter, which is the best material for detailed and robust figures. Cast in the UK by Toolshed Miniatures our master caster Slim, is a veteran of practically every 28mm fantasy miniature maker in the UK. We will ship all around the world and we take great efforts to ensure our packaging is environmentally friendly through reuse and recycling.