But is it Art?

Artist Timothy Hutchings has created what he is calling the world’s largest wagaming table and did it in an art gallery.

Art blogger Etham Ham has some more details it is well worth reading the comments. There is some discussion, including comments by the artist, about using wargaming as the basis of art and whether this really is the world’s largest wargaming table or not.

So many artists today “culture surf” from subculture to subculture, looking for an easy gimmick or for some shameful thing to drag out into the light. It’s not exactly responsible, and can be very offensive at the worst and ignorant at the least.

I’d like to think I’m not doing that, I’m a gamer. Mostly RPGs nowadays (Burning Wheel, CoC, DitV, etc). When I’m making artwork that folds gaming into the works, I’m not just making work ABOUT gaming but FOR gamers.

That’s part of the trick of this table. It’s a big slab of table with a landscape on top without gamers to activate it. It’s about minimalism until its put to use, until its function is engaged.


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