Republicans Don’t Play D&D

The John McCain presidential campaign took a swipe at D&D players today. I think it is an allusion to the idea that left wing Democrats are the sort of nerds who play games in their Mum’s basement whilst Republicans are real men who fight real wars.

As a Brit, I don’t have a say in the US election and I like both the candidates for different reasons. Obama offers hope for a new generation. Hope for a period of intelligent leaderships after eight years of cretinous corruption. McCain has a tremendous record of service to his country and sharp mind. Though I think Obama is going walk all over McCain come the election.

We will have to wait and see if McCain’s remarks will politicize D&D players or not. I can’t imagine a hundred thousand D&D players protesting in front of the White House shouting “I’ll give you my D20 when you take it from my cold, dead hand”.