Quorakon Juveniles under construction

Fresh from the work bench and still under construction are the next two Quorakon Juveniles. Here are two challenging sculpts, partially completed and showing several new features both in stance and in the materials used. The female juvenile is mainly constructed from ProCreate. The male, whilst all Neadatite, is undoubtedly the most challenging pose to date.

I started the Juvenile range by making four armatures and roughly posed them to the sketches Adrian and I put together. Part of the reason for doing so many armatures was that I find it terribly fiddly and not a lot of fun so when I finally sit down and do it, I like to do a batch even if I am not planning to use them all. As I fleshed them out, I thought it would be great to mix the sexes and the kneeling armature was the one I felt was at a point where I could sculpt a female chest as I had perhaps gone a little too far on the others. At this point my ProCreate arrived so I used the new material over the usual Neadatite green stuff. ProCreate is very similar to use but is a little less sticky than green stuff – one of the manufacturer’s claims. I have not formed a clear opinion as to whether I prefer it yet but it was quite easy to work with. I’ll need to do a detailed figure and some really fine work to have a clear conclusion so watch this space. As for the female juvenile, I love the pose. Slim again is reasonably confident the figure pose will cast although I have great reservations about the area around the lower hands and the abdomen. She is picking up a couple of rocks to lob and the upper arms will eventually be holding a couple of knives above her head (Adrian’s idea). If all goes well and the figure reaches production, the upper arms may be bent forward slighly or left to you to bend – remember this is something we actively encourage because of the flexibility of the quality pewter we supply all figures in. The head needs more work and may need reducing in size a little as the fur goes on. Unfortunately her dugs are a little larger than I intended but I think this is a deeper, Freudian issue best left out of my blog!

On to the male juvenile and the action pose. I expected uproar from Slim when presented with the running stance. This figure breaks all the rules in that it has an inerrant weak point at the foot/base interface but even worse, it has two vertical axes. By this I mean that there are two planes that one would use as the mould faces; one is along the line through the trailing arm, the front arm and both legs, and the second is along the arm throwing the javelin. Cool as ever, Slim merely suggested the hand holding the javelin should just touch the side of the head and the back tip of the javelin. the trailing arm holding the rock. This means that the figure will cast as the metal can run between the parts mentioned and once completed, the contact points can be pulled apart and posed as desired. Brilliant! lets hope it works but again, thank you friendly caster!