Juvenile Quorakon and Ice Lynx sneaky preview

Quorakon Juveniles and the Ice Lynx are nearing completion. Look further for a sneaky preview.

Quorakon are still the main focus of both sculpting and scenario work here at 6D6Fireball.com As you will have noticed, there is a need for both juvenile Quorakon and their pets the Ice Lynx for the first of the scenarios. Since first discussing conceptually the best representation of the juves with Adrian, a fair amount of work has gone on. We decided on the obvious quite easily, juveniles needed to be smaller and leaner than the adult Quorakon. Weapons proved more interesting and we decided that since juveniles are too young to be regular hunting party members, their combat capabilities and proficiencies were going to be more limited. For this reason, juveniles are more likely to have a limited weapon repertoire. I put together some simple stick-man concepts using knives, rocks and the odd conventional weapon which Adrian liked. I also wanted to be a little more adventurous with stances and although there are lots of benefits to supplying miniatures with open hands rather than weapons, it does make them a lot more difficult to cast so I planned the juves with all their weapons included. Conversions can be done if you demand them!

First is the Ice Lynx. I spent some time collecting photographs of Lynx and Bobcats (American Lynx). They are very like the domestic cat or wild cat in shape and build rather than the big cats we are familiar with. The unique aspects of the Lynx family are their long ears and fur ruff around the neck. Whilst creating the body was quite straight forward, building up the ears and ruff was quite difficult. The face needs a little more work to define the eyes as well. Those of you who sculpt will notice I am also experimenting with a different material, ProCreate. This amusingly named medium claims to have different properties to Neadatite (green stuff) and I want to find out if it improves definition and sharpness. The pose of the first Ice Lynx is quite unambitious because I felt a conventional stance is always useful as a starting point. I may do more in the future and a pouncing Lynx appeals as does one lying or crouching. More about ProCreate later.

The first Juvenile is probably my favourite to date because the pose is a challenge both for me to sculpt and for poor Slim our caster. As ever, when presented with the armature he took it in his stride (bless him) and just made a few suggestions to ensure it will cast without flashing or ripping. Adrian was keen to see a Quorakon wielding a clanth (stone sword) with two hands and so it seemed appropriate for the smaller juvenile to do this. I though two thrusting daggers would be menacing and like the result although I will probably do a little more to finish them off before handing them over to Slim for mastering. all the Quorakon juveniles you’ll see have new heads and bodies and I am really enjoying construction.