New “Green” Warrior in Scale

Introducing Burson the heavy armoured over equipped warrior. Burson is based upon a character played for the last ten or so years by Slim (our friendly caster) in a D&D like campaign run by Adrian.

Burson is a fun character to play alongside. He joined our happy party late and in the early days was a little shy coming forward when the booty got split up. As a consequence, he tended to fight with what nobody else wanted and became a collector of the mundane (non-magical items). Burson has more short swords than Wilkinson Sword and a heavy suit of scale armour. He also carries more knives than Gordon Ramsey and although I have not modelled them, a set of returning javelins. He is rather vain as he is devilishly good looking, rather oily (a racial trait) and amusingly, has a very squeaky voice. In game terms, he spends a lot of time smiling at the girls, dresses with an eye to current fashion and makes an art of being the strong, silent type. He has taken to wearing his helmet crest as a rather impractical transverse comb.

I wanted to make all of our key characters for our game and Burson was the most difficult by far. I made a lot of him in green putty before moving to brown to try and sharpen the edges. His stance was always going to be hard because he carries so many weapons. Inevitably I have compromised by dropping some off the list but I still had to make his right hand and morning star as a separate piece. It should be easy to fix once cast in pewter being a ball and socket. The morning star itself was a week of experimentation. I could not find a way of sculpting the spiked faces and getting clean edges without making it stupidly large. In the end, plates of brass mounted in brown stuff have worked well and I’m confident the whole piece will cast ok (well Slim has a vested interest doesn’t he).

If you like the figure but hate the weapon combination please let me know. It would be quite easy to make a replacement right arm with just about any weapon you want.

I am sure when the first pewter Burson comes out of the mould I’ll be getting requests to add the knives and javelins. Lucky for Burson, he is probably the strongest man in the world but that is another story….