Sculptor Profile

Greetings and welcome to I hope that if this is your first visit to our website you will find many reasons to come back and perhaps participate as a fully fledged member as we develop all the functionality of the community. You will find references to many of the participants in this grand collaboration so I thought I should tell you a little about myself and what I’m all about. I’m Rob and my primary contribution to is the miniatures (although that’s just really the tip of the iceberg).

Like Chris, Adrian, Pete and Paul, I have been playing games since the 1970’s. I’ve always loved miniatures, loved painting and converting them and to a lesser extent, playing with them. Whilst I’d like to say I’m a wargamer, I never win and in recent years have leaned more to role playing than table top gaming. I’ve bummed about on the fringe of the gaming industry in Nottingham for much of that time. I was a groupie of Asgard Miniatures and Tabletop Games in my teens and spent a brief but very interesting couple of years at Games workshop in the 1990’s.

I got into making miniatures at the end of last year (2007) through frustration really. I don’t know about you, but I need a bit of table dressing to make a gaming night really tick. I know not everybody agrees with me, but floor plans, figures and terrain pieces bring a game of D and D to life. The real buzz is the role playing of the character but representing your moves and seeing the body count pile up as you hack or blast your way through adds the finishing touches for me.

My first figure was one made through necessity. I was to play an Ogre in what became known as the “evil” campaign (as opposed to the “good” one where we all played “exalted” characters). I could not find a near naked Ogre figure that used javelins and a heavy flail nor could I find something I felt I could convert. I was thrilled with the outcome although times have moved on in the last six months as I learned more. My mates made all the right noises when I played “Orgalmir” and started working on me. As you will learn, Adrian for example is full of ideas for monsters and scenarios and many of the concepts are his, like the Quorakon.

Though I have no background in art other than an “O” level I have persisted to a point where we feel you might enjoy the fruits of our labour. A few books on anatomy, good research, a patient caster, practice and constructive criticism can take you a long way.

So what’s our stance on figures? Well, we hope to bring you originality, novelty and quality. As evolves, the figures will reflect the characters we play, the environments, cultures and races we come across and the things we fight. This means new monster miniatures to complement the scenarios you can download and the monster statistics created by the authors. We also hope to fill some of the gaps. The great thing about fantasy role-playing is the diversity. Just look at how many monsters exist in D & D and then try to multiply that by the number of great game systems out there. This is a fruitless task and I think we all accept we will end up with an orc representing a doppelganger at some point but at least at we will strive to give you the unique figures you need to play scenarios we have generated.

I thrive on criticism and ideas so expect a regular blog with pictures of what I have on the work bench. I welcome your feedback to please tell me what you like, what stinks and what you would like to see. If I agree and it’s not too late to alter things you might get your ideas incorporated into figures as I complete them. Better still, share your scenarios and original monsters with us! If your ideas work for us, I may have a go at sculpting miniatures to go alongside your work if you’ll allow it.

Sadly (or perhaps thank goodness), I decided Orgalmir would be my apprentice piece and made him a one-off. Here he is for your amusement and delectation!

Orgalmir showing his full suit of weaponsA monster of a flail