D&D Insider Review (and some other stuff)

Gamespy have a review, well more of preview regurgitating WotC PR rather than a hands-on “does this thing work” review of D&D Insider. It only has scarce details but their conclusion:

However, we have one major concern: price. Virtual monster miniature pricing hasn’t been set, but an Insider subscription (that is, Dungeon and Dragon magazines, access to the rules encyclopedia, and use of the character builder, virtual mini builder, and dungeon creator) will run $15 a month, or $10 a month with a subscription. Although we recognize that Wizards is putting a lot out with this software, the price point seems really steep at the moment. Perhaps we’ll see a reconsideration of the price before Insider launches.

From Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition Comes to PC

Over on Dragon Avenue, Michael has been taking apart the design of the WotC web site. This is like shooting fish in a barrel as the WotC site really, really sucks ( I can’t even find a decent RSS feed for it ) but Michael takes it to the next step and redesigns their website for them. Clearly Michael is a good designer with a great understanding of the various typesetting, technical and SEO aspects of web design. I don’t agree with all his choices ( there is too much text on top of graphics for my taste ) but it is miles better than WotC’s design.

See: Wizards of the Coast + Internet == Suck and Redesigning the Dungeons and Dragon Website.